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383. Title: Do I Stay Christian?
Author: McLaren, Brian
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-26279-0
Date Finished: 2022-07-03
My Comments: Brian first gives 10 reasons, in 10 chapters, for why one would leave the Christian faith/church. All the bad things the church has done. This is to be expected. He then gives 10 reasons (next 10 chapters) for why one might stay in the church, citing all the good that could come. Then he spends 8 chapters on how do to either. I found it remarkably balanced (in other words, close to my position). He has some interesting theological ideas which I think would make a very interesting discussion, particularly if you have been considering the title's question previously. Recommended.

Amazon Description: Do I Stay Christian? addresses in public the powerful question that surprising numbers of people - including pastors, priests, and other religious leaders - are asking in private. Picking up where Faith After Doubt leaves off, Do I Stay Christian? is not McLaren's attempt to persuade Christians to dig in their heels or run for the exit. Instead, he combines his own experience with that of thousands of people who have confided in him over the years to help readers make a responsible, honest, ethical decision about their religious identity. There is a way to say both yes and no to the question of staying Christian, McLaren says, by shifting the focus from whether we stay Christian to how we stay human. If Do I Stay Christian? is the question you're asking - or if it's a question that someone you love is asking - this is the book you've been waiting for.

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